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Professional Development Days

Have you wondered what our teachers are doing during our Professional Development Days?

Each year we have three professional development days where our teachers come together for professional growth, continued education, and (of course) FUN!

Our last few Professional Development Days have looked a little bit different because of COVID. We have had the largest Zoom meetings any of us have ever seen! And the best part was that each teacher was able to be on-site and in their own classrooms while they participated in our Professional Development Day! We had all of our teachers engage in class-specific trainings and company-wide trainings, that they have been able to bring into their everyday routines.

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Our morning started out with our entire #TeamYBR (that’s the cool hashtag that we use for all of our amazing teachers)! Everyone was on a Zoom call together from all four of our schools and it was great watching teachers interact with each other in a safe environment. We focused on Cultural Dynamics, Disabilities, and Professional Growth. Our teachers were able to answer questions and earn prizes, which was a lot of fun!

In the afternoon we split off into two groups based on which age-group our teachers teach.

Our preschool teachers learned all about classroom management, high-performing classroom environments, and beneficial teacher-children interactions! Our teachers asked lots of great questions and logged out of the Zoom meeting with a lot of information to enhance their classrooms even more!

Our Infant and Toddler teachers went into a SEEDS training! The SEEDS training focused on providing intentional social, emotional, language, and literacy opportunities all throughout the day in our regular routines!

In the weeks since our February Professional Development Day, we have been able to witness so much of what was discussed being put into practice in all of our schools!

These professional development days are just a piece of what sets our preschool apart from a daycare! We recognize our teachers as the professionals they are and we believe in continued growth. Educators are life-long learners and we love having the opportunity to continue to watch our teachers grow both individually and as a part of our #TeamYBR!