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Positive Discipline with Summer Picha

summer picha

It can be challenging knowing exactly how to support your child when they are frustrated, especially when they can not tell you what it is they are upset about!

Last week our team of teachers got to hear from Summer Picha, from Grit and Grace Lifestyle, in our professional development day! Summer put together a presentation about how little frustrations cause big emotions in our children and how we can help them through positive discipline.

Summer is a professional who taught, directed, and owned high-quality preschools in our area before becoming a life coach. It is now her personal goal to encourage the parents around her using the resources that she has gained in her experiences.

She discussed the science behind a child’s melt-down and she gave our teachers valuable tools to help our students turn their days around!

After Summer’s presentation, our teachers have real tools that they have carried into their classrooms since last Friday. The atmospheres in our classrooms have always been calm and loving, but now they are enhanced and inspired by her presentation!

As a team, we can not say enough positive things about Summer Picha and the work she is doing for the families in our community.

We are so excited because all of our parents have an exclusive offer to learn directly from Summer in her parenting workshops! This workshop is only being offered to Yellow Brick Road families and Summer is currently offering Pay What You Can Pricing for her workshop!

This workshop is going to go into details about the tools our teachers gained and so much more for our parents to benefit from at home! They say it takes a village to raise a child and we are very thankful Summer has impacted our ‘village’ so much!


To join her group of empowered parents click on this link and access her Pay What You Can Pricing!


To learn more about Summer and her commitment to our community check out her website!