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Summer Safety

summer safety at ybr

Join Us for Our Exciting Summer Safety Series at Yellow Brick Road!

This summer, Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center is thrilled to announce our Summer Safety Series across all our locations in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa. We believe that learning about safety can be fun and engaging, and we’re committed to equipping our young learners with the essential skills they need to stay safe while also having a great time!

What is the Summer Safety Series?

Our Summer Safety Series is a collection of events and activities designed to teach children about various aspects of safety through interactive and hands-on experiences. We’re partnering with local authorities, rescue vehicles, hospitals, and trainers to provide educational content in an enjoyable and memorable way.

Partnerships That Make a Difference

  • Swim and Water Safety: In Minnesota, we’ve teamed up with Foss Swim Schools to offer specialized classes on swim and water safety. These sessions will help children learn how to stay safe in and around water, just in time for the summer swimming season.
  • Bike Safety: In Nebraska, the Children’s Hospital and Douglas County Sheriff’s Office are joining forces with us to focus on bike safety. This includes everything from wearing helmets to understanding the rules of the road, ensuring that our students can enjoy biking safely.
  • Across All Three States: Throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa, we’ve partnered with several fantastic organizations to bring a variety of safety topics to the forefront. From learning how to interact safely with emergency services to understanding basic first aid, our series covers it all.
fireman with preschooler
fireman with young girl near fire truck

Why Attend the Summer Safety Series?

Our Summer Safety Series isn’t just about learning; it’s about creating an environment where safety education is integrated with fun. By participating, children will:

  • Engage with Real-Life Heroes: Meet and interact with local authorities, including firefighters, police officers, and healthcare workers.
  • Experience Hands-On Learning: Explore rescue vehicles, participate in safety drills, and take part in interactive safety games.
  • Develop Crucial Safety Skills: Learn vital safety procedures and responses that are age-appropriate and easy to understand.
sheriff presenting to preschoolers

Our Mission

At Yellow Brick Road, our mission is to put good humans into the world and leave it better than we found it. By hosting the Summer Safety Series, we aim to empower children with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves and others, fostering a safer community for everyone.

How to Join

Ready to ensure your child has a safe and exciting summer? Visit our website or contact your nearest Yellow Brick Road center to learn more about the Summer Safety Series and register your child today. Let’s make this summer not only fun but safe for everyone!


We look forward to seeing you at our Summer Safety Series and together, let’s make a positive impact on the lives of our children and our communities!