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WINTER WOES? Turn them into Winter Wonders!

Six Tricks to Stay Busy Indoors!



We all live in the Midwest… and we all love it, right?  Well, we love it MOST of the time.  As a child development center, we strive so hard to stay open on all the days the schools close, but sometimes, you might find yourself stuck indoors on some of those snowier days!

So… when you can’t get out to ski or sled or shovel, try some of our fun tricks to stay engaged and still learn!



How?? Just grab a baking tray or sheet full of snow, mix your water colors and paint away!  This is SUCH a fun and simple way to keep your kiddos entertained.  Check out some more info from Kitchen Floor Crafts!



When I found this craft, I KNEW it was for us!  Think veggie tray… but for building snowmen!  Its SO simple and you probably have all of the ingredients around your house!  See our inspo from Happy Hooligans!



Did you jump on the pandemic craft train?  This was one of our home’s favorite activities.  Get some glue and tissue paper leftover from a gift or two, and VOILA!  A match made in heaven for your kiddos to enjoy and learn about light!  Artful Parent has a simple explanation here!



Remember back when puffy paint was a standard in your wardrobe?  Well… break it back out, because we just need some paint and wax paper for this one! Design as many as you like in assorted colors and styles.  Teach your kiddos that no snowflake is like another from this fun activity by Kids Activities.



Ok… I’m sorry about the pop ups on this one, but this activity is so simple and fun!  Turn your contact paper around and draw a snowman with a sharpie!  How simple is that to clean up!  Check our Happy Toddler Playtime’s activity suggestions!



Now… for the pies de resistance.  A homemade DIY snowball launcher.  This fun activity is not for the faint of heart, but its SUCH a ball (literally) to play with!  Note: Make sure you have space to launch these!  Inspo came form Little Bins, Little Hands.


Of course, we don’t want you to go home empty handed, so there are ALWAYS fun opportunities to still color, draw, paint, glue, glitter and more when you’re indoors!  There’s nothing wrong with enduring the cold temps if your kiddos are supervised, but we always want to offer the option of just sitting at home on a nice day off and enjoying a cup of cocoa in front of the fire place.  Reality Check: IF you’re a toddler parent… you won’t probably get to actually enjoy any of that until they go to bed, but it’s such a nice thought 😊

We are here for all the fun activities, and we can hardly wait to hear what you suggest!   Since you’re pros at this… what are you favorite fun indoor activities for snow days or winter wonders?  Email us or comment!