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Bricky’s Best Teachers are Postive!

brickys best are positive


Positivity is not just a core value; it’s a way of life.  In a world where  you can choose any path you’d like, we get to highlight some of our staff who have excelled in keeping a great attitude!

ms karissa

Ms. Karissa truly radiates positivity! While she is still a bit new to our team, Karissa walks in each and every day with a positive mindset and a smile on her face. Her ability to step into any classroom at the drop of a hat while maintaining her upbeat, positive attitude is unmatched! Karissa approaches all situations from an optimistic point of view that is sure to transfer on to her peers. We are so thankful to have Karissa and her positivity as a part of our YBR team! 

ms wendy

Ms. Wendy has worked at Tonka as a long-term sub for over a year but has recently become an official Tonka YBR staff and we couldn’t be more excited!! Wendy’s positive attitude and willingness to help all of her co-workers is one of the many reasons that we wanted her to be a part of our team! Children of all ages love Ms. Wendy and are so excited when she comes into their room because they know she is going to have so many fun things for them to do!

ms amonei

When it comes to being positive about anything & everything Ms. Amonei’s your girl to see. She always sees the good in things and has a smile on her face to prove it. The children love seeing her in the mornings and we love having her here everyday to teach the children.

ms corissa

Ms. Corissa ALWAYS has a smile on her face!  Her optimism radiates throughout the building and brings the cheer into our center.  During a tour last week, a parent stopped us to say “Don’t look any further!  Ms. Corissa is THE BEST!” and that speaks louder than any caption we could ever come up with for her.

mr kyler

We couldn’t help but nominate Mr. Kyler for Bricky’s Best!  He’s always a listening ear for when the kids are having a hard day.  He’s nurturing and gentle with each child, meeting them where they’re at and now where he expects them to be!  All of that wraps into the most positive influence we could ask for!

ms aniston

Ms. Aniston is the face you see everyday to drop off and pick up your kiddos! She is a bright light throughout all of our center.  At such a young age, she has a fresh perspective and stays cheery while she opens and closes our center daily.  Who could ask for anyone better?

ms allie

West Des Moines’ Ms. Allie is our Bricky’s Best! Allie is a very positive person and always does what is needed of her with a smile on her face. The parents love her communication and the care she provides for the children. The children love her activities and the positive energy she shows. She loves coming up with new ideas to keep them interested and teach them items in English and Spanish.

Positive thinking is important because it impacts both physical and mental well-being.  Its show to reduce stress by eliminating negativity… which is why we’re so thankful for all of our staff who excel at this core value each and every day!  You might be wondering why we even focus on core values at Yellow Brick Road… I know I have!  Foundation is so important and impactful on the future.  If our goal is to put amazing humans into this world, we want them to have the foundational structure in place to be team players, world changers, and more!  The power of positivity has changed the world in so many ways, and we hope our implementation of that thought process into our curriculum and schools will play a small part of the success of our future generations to come!