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Every child deserves a safe place to learn.

At Yellow Brick Road Early Childhood Development Center, we offer a variety of programs for your little ones. Our child care center can help your child learn, grow, and develop from the age of six weeks to five years old! This is an important time in a child’s development, and we take this very seriously.

When you sign your child up to attend our child care center, you can rest assured knowing that your child will be in the best care throughout these important years in their lives. We offer a stimulating and comforting environment that encourages children to explore their surroundings, learn about the world, and develop a love for learning!

Discover our Programs

At this age, we will teach and help your children develop by interacting with them, implementing the Creative Curriculum®, and given a chance to explore what catches their interest.

We use sensory teaching to help your child learn and further develop their different skills. At this age, we start building off the Creative Curriculum to help children develop a natural love for learning and explore their curiosities.

At this age, children begin to communicate and develop thoughts. We encourage them to explore their curiosities, further develop social skills, and help children learn more by using the Creative Curriculum.

We teach our preschoolers basic educational practices, social interaction, encourage individuality, and continue to use the Creative Curriculum. They will explore their own ideas and curiosities.

Since this is the last step before your child move on to kindergarten, we focus on helping your child master the skills needed for academic success. We will encourage them to work on social interactions, develop a love for learning, and prepare for kindergarten!

Kindergarten Bootcamp has a curriculum designed to prepare kids for these experiences and give them the skills to cope and excel in their new environment. 

As schools plan to re-open with hybrid programs, we want to make sure that students and families are still provided a supportive and safe learning environment.

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      Parent Testimonials

      Justin S. - Eden Prarie
      "We love that our daughter is always so excited to come to school and see her teachers, this is a huge comfort as a parent! We are also very impressed with the amount of letters and numbers that she has learned before the age of 2… WOW!!"
      Emily B. - Minnetonka
      "My son Wyatt has been attending Yellowbrick Road Minnetonka for 2 1/2 years! He enjoys going to daycare everyday! He loves all of his teachers and always has a blast when he is there. I was very impressed with how much he has learned while being there. He’s even been taught Spanish and can recite the alphabet in Spanish! Yellowbrick has been so helpful with my son and with all his bus transfers to and from his preschool. I really appreciate all that they do for my son and would recommend Yellowbrick Road to anyone! 🙂"
      Amanda H. - Minnetonka
      "My son has been attending YBR – Minnetonka for just over a year now. He started when he was 4 months old and all the teachers have been wonderful. He’s learning so much each day and seems to really enjoy his days at school (even though he can’t tell me yet :)) They taught him sign language and they do so many crafts. I attribute many of his major advancements to what he’s taught at YBR. Highly recommend this daycare!"
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