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YBR Core Values

ybr core values

If you have been in one of our schools recently then you may have noticed the signs in our front entry way that highlight our Core Values! Our Core Values are the six words that are at the heart of all that we do here at Yellow Brick Road. Our goal is to make our classrooms the most fun, nurturing, and positive environment for our students through collaboration, communication, and innovation. We know that to reach this goal we have to recognize all six of our core values with equal importance.

ybr committed to core values

Here are just a few examples of what being comminited to our core values look like in our classrooms!

teacher and students goofing off at preschool

Our teachers create fun lessons to teach our students through play! Our curriculum is a play and interest based curriculum to encourage students to find the fun in learning to establish a life-long appreciation of education!

teacher and student washing hands

Of course, everyone in our schools is nurturing, loving, and caring! When we are hiring new teachers we ask them very specific questions to ensure they embody our core value of “nurturing”!

happy child in fall

Positivity goes far beyond having positive attitudes! Our teachers have been trained in positive discipline so that they are able to maintain control of their classroom in a positive way. Our students have unwavering confidence and they embrace accidents because of how our teachers build them up through positivity!


Teamwork makes the dream work, which is why we have Collaboration listed as one of our core values! Our teachers rely on each other, other teachers from our other locations, and the leaders inside their schools. If at any time a teacher needs support with anything there is always someone right there ready to work collaboratively!

toddlers playing

Communication is key! We communicate openly with our families through the KangarooTime app. We communicate with our teachers through groups, meetings, and checking into the classrooms throughout the day. Our teachers teach our students how to communicate their needs, thoughts, and ideas so that we can establish an understanding of healthy communication with our students!

preschool cooking recipes

In this last year innovation has been more vital than ever! Through the pandemic we have needed to find new ways to do almost everything to keep our students, families, and teachers safe. We found new ways to make drop-off and pick-up work to maintain social distancing. We unveiled a distance learning program to keep our students who stayed home engaged in activities. We even took to new social media platforms to improve communication with our community! With so many changes happening we know that sometimes sticking to the basics is best; but we pride ourselves on understanding each situation and the need for innovation case by case!