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Best Companies to Work for 2022!

yellow brick road best companies to work for in 2022

When you know, you know!  Those of us who work at Yellow Brick Road and its sister companies already know we work for amazing and hard working owners.  So, its no surprise to us that we were showcased as the Best Company to Work for in 2022! 


While the article speaks for itself on how caring and thoughtful our dynamic duo of owners are, let us break it down a little more.  Jessica and Kylie work as quite the pair on a daily basis.  They are the ying and yang of our schools and compliment one another.  Kylie’s background opening the original YBR in 2006 gives her so much hands on experience and history within our walls.  Jessica’s experience in other organizations before taking a chance on YBR offer more to us than

ybr cio news cover 2022

The culture and community YBR offers to its staff is focused on our core values: Collaboration, Communication, Innovation, Nurturing, Positivity, and FUN!  Starting in New Employee Orientation, all staff sees a real interaction with Jessica and Kylie sharing those core values and foundational history of the company.  On every tour with families, the enrollment specialists offer core values as an opportunity for teachers to reach their students on a deeper level. 

In the weekly Director Meetings held with the owners, Yellow Brick Road leadership strives to explore options and discuss how to continue the positivity in our halls.  We strive to work on comradery amongst our staff members and help build our team together. From potlucks to holiday parties, YBR’s ownership staff continues to offer amazing events.  Each region has even formed a “Fun Committee” to help keep staff morale at an all time high!  Birthday and anniversary gifts, Fun Fridays, National Fun Holidays and more… YBR is committed to offering their staff a wonderful experience. All of this PLUS higher than industry standards on benefits.

 Jessica and Kylie can enter any school in their organization and immediately brighten up a room.  Every staff member is always excited to see them and hear the travel stories and gossip about the new exciting things that are happening!   We, as a team, are grateful for such involved and caring ownership.  With the recent and hopefully future expansion of YBR, our ownership could easily exit their schools never to be seen or heard from again.  Instead, they have capitalized on the growth and current technology in order to stay directly involved with daily operations and offer more and more leadership training within this team. 

best companies to work for YBR 2022

If you haven’t figured it out already… Yellow Brick Road is unique.  It’s a family.  While all companies have turnover in them these days, if you get the YBR bug, you’re with us for life!  It is a wholesome, inclusive, Midwestern valued company that cares for people… for big and small, young and old, happy and sad people who walk through our doors and in the community.

At Yellow Brick Road, we have a mission to be a warm, nurturing environment that is rooted in the belief that every child deserves a safe place to learn, explore and grow. As educated professionals, we partner with families through a pathway of connections between home, early education, and the community. We aim to be recognized within the community as a great place to work, kind to the environment, and a collaborative member.

Our goal is to provide exceptional quality early education at a reasonable price, while helping bridge the gap between the early years of development and the first years of schooling.



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