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Best of Plymouth

ybr voted best of plymouth


Yellow Brick Road has been recognized as one of the Best Companies in Plymouth for the fourth year in a row! We are in the Plymouth Hall of Fame, which is no small feat! We want to take this opportunity to thank all of our families and teachers for making Yellow Brick Road the amazing preschool that we are!

“What makes Yellow Brick Road stand out?” That is the question that got us thinking about what makes us different. After consideration and feedback, these are the top five things that make Yellow Brick Road stand out in our community!

  1. Communication! Communication is one of our core values. We understand that while our parents are at work they want to know what their children are up to at Yellow Brick Road. Our teachers do an amazing job at keeping our parents in the loop through our communication app.
  2. Curriculum! Our curriculum is based on our student’s interests. No two classes are alike just as no two students are alike. Our teachers look for common interests among their students and then they base their lessons around those topics to ensure all of our students are engaged and excited about what they are learning!
  3. Facilities! Our schools have the most amazing amenities for our students. We have gyms, outdoor classrooms, and enrichment programs. We have partnered with some very fun companies to offer different classes throughout the week to our students. These classes take place in our gym and in the outdoor classroom depending on the type of class they are in. We love seeing our kiddos dancing in the gym with Tippi Toes Dance and outside learning about different sports with Mini Me Sports!
  4. Culture! Our staff incorporate our core values in all that they do and that builds the culture inside our schools! Our teachers bring their experiences and expertise into their classes and they teach their students academic and social-emotional skills. The teamwork within our school is unmatched and the energy of our teachers can be felt the second you walk in the door!
  5. Staff! We have already said it but we can not say it enough, we truly have the best teachers! Our teachers come to Yellow Brick Road every day excited to teach their students. They build relationships with our kiddos and parents to ensure each child knows they are seen, cared for, and appreciated. Our teachers go above and beyond for their co-workers and families and their efforts are hard to miss. We are on the Best of Plymouth list because we have the best teachers!


As you can see, there are many reasons Yellow Brick Road is one of the Best of Plymouth and has been for the last four years. We appreciate our community and we are thankful to hear that they appreciate us as well! Thank you again to all of our families, teachers, and kiddos in our Plymouth location, these achievements are in no small part thanks to all of you!