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Professional Development Day at YBR!

professional development at ybr

This past Monday our teachers gathered over Zoom to discuss the upcoming school year, professional growth opportunities within Yellow Brick Road, and safety training!

Each year we discuss the goals that we have as a team over the next school year. First, we reviewed the goals that we set last fall and we found that we exceeded our list of goals by the accomplishments of our teachers over this last year! Many of our teachers wanted to be hands-on in our training program as we bring in new teachers. We heard our teachers’ requests and we unveiled a few new programs that allow our teachers to continue growing professionally and ensure the quality of early childhood education that Yellow Brick Road is known for!

Our Mentor Teacher program was unveiled on Monday and our teachers are thrilled to have the opportunity to Mentor their peers as we welcome them into our team! Our training program, called the YBR Way, trains our incoming teachers to be Yellow Brick Road teachers by providing real-life examples, teaching support, and now mentorship!

ybr staff

During the safety training portion of our meeting we discussed the known and understood importance of keeping our students and teachers safe from COVID-19. We reviewed our active efforts with our teachers and explained what these efforts should look like going into a new school year.

Before we concluded our meeting we gave out our annual Golden Bricky Awards! Each year we recognize teachers who go above and beyond for their students, families, and coworkers. This year we recognized a teacher in each campus for their individual efforts in maintaining Yellow Brick Road’s quality! In Minnetonka we recognized our entire teaching team for their 100% compliant licensing visit earlier this year!

team minnetonka

Once the awards were given, teachers understood what this fall will look like at Yellow Brick Road, and future mentor teachers were excited for their new opportunities; we moved onto the second half of our day! The rest of the day was given to the teachers to prepare for this next school year. As we welcome growing students into their next classroom this fall we want to have our classrooms ready for them! Our teachers took this time to re-label cubbies, re-write sharing day lists, deep clean their classrooms, and reorganize their cot charts! Our teachers were busy with excitement for this next school year and we are all looking forward to what this school year is going to bring!