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Bricky Turns Three!

happy b day bricky

This year Bricky is turning THREE! His personality is blooming, he is learning his boundaries, and he is playing his heart out every day at Yellow Brick Road. We are sure that our preschool parents can all relate to this three-year-old energy we are seeing from our favorite Brick!

We have made so many memories in the last few years with Bricky as our mascot! We have watched him go on trips with our families using the hashtag #BringBricky, built teams around Bricky’s YBR spirit, created events in honor of him, written books alongside him, and so much more!

Here are just a few ways Brick shows up every day at Yellow Brick Road:

Our Nebraska schools have a group of teachers dedicated to hosting and planning fun events in all three of our Nebraska schools! This group is called the Bricky Bunch! They plan spirit weeks, and holiday parties, celebrate birthdays and anniversaries and SO much more!

the bricky bunch

This past year, Bricky had his very first meet and greets! He walked with us in a parade, and got to meet a few people in our communities!

Bricky Parade

Bricky was the star of the show when we sponsored an event in Excelsior, Minnesota! The event revolved around local artists and our booth was an opportunity to showcase children’s art as they enjoyed the event with their parents!

children coloring bricky
ybr tent

In Iowa, our parents have been bringing Bricky to fun events and on trips near and far! He has had so many new experiences and made new memories with a lot of our families. Here is a quick look at some of the memories he has made in the last year!

Most recently, Bricky got a promotion! While his job responsibilities will still involve traveling with families, attending events, judging annual gingerbread house contests, and hosting award ceremonies; he is now leading some of our orientations! That’s right!! As we bring in new teachers and team members, they are welcomed by the whole #TeamYBR alongside Bricky!


After three years full of fun and positivity inspired by Bricky, we are excited to see what his future will hold! Happy Birthday, Bricky!!