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Summer at YBR

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We understand the importance of keeping students engaged and excited about school all through the summer. We also understand that when the sun is out and students aren’t in school… they want to have fun in the sun with their friends! Our summer program for school-agers is a perfect hybrid that meets both of those needs in all of our schools!!

What to expect when you spend the summer with us:

Fun-Filled Fied trips! We take our students on exciting field trips all summer long. From parks to splashpads, our students are having fun with their friends each week. We also bring in in-house field trips to give our students a variety of experiences throughout the summer.

Outdoor Learning and Activities! When you live in the mid-west, you know that these months spent outside are incredibly valuable. Our school-age kiddos spend most of their year inside at their schools during the school year and we want them to get outside to play and learn as much as we can!

Continued Education! A lot of teachers start the school year expecting their students to forget a few things they learned at the end of the previous year. While we are not continuing the exact education they are getting in their classrooms at school, we are giving them activities that keep their brains active and open to learning all year long.

Friendships! Our students spend every day with their friends at Yellow Brick Road in the summer and they build friendships that they may not make at their schools. Often times they are meetings kids from their community that they haven’t met yet giving them the opportunity to continue building their social skills and friendships.

Fun and Caring Teachers! Our teachers are one of a kind. In the school-age program, our teachers understand the necessity to keep their students engaged and excited all summer. We want every child’s summer experience to be full of fun, sun, and friends and our teachers are there to make that happen.

Multiple Meals a Day! Every child at Yellow Brick Road is given multiple meals when they are in our schools. Our school-age kiddos will get every meal offered to each of our students when they spend the day with us which means our parents get a break from packing lunches!


We are so excited to spend the summer with our school-age kiddos! We have just as much fun as they do in the summer and we look forward to sharing it with them every year. If you haven’t signed your student up yet, be sure to sign up soon because our spaces are limited and summers at Yellow Brick Road are something you will not want to miss out on!