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Bricky’s Best Teacher are Communicative

ybr teacher communicates

In the month of May, we are excited to bring you our teachers who are Bricky’s Best with Communication! This month we are highlighting our amazing teachers who display our core value of communication daily in their classrooms, around our schools, and with our parents!

ms anne

Ms. Anne is our Bricky’s Best for the month of May. Anne has jumped into her Assistant Director role feet first! She has gotten to know the kids all around the school. Anne is a positive, helpful individual who we are so glad is a part of our team! Each day, Ms. Anne comes in a little bit early to assess the day and communicate any day-of changes with her Directors and Regional Director to ensure the day goes on as planned! Her communication is part of the team’s daily success in our Eden Prairie location!

ms poonam

This month, Ms. Poonam is May’s Bricky’s Best in our Plymouth location! Ms. Poonam is so cheerful, caring, and such a huge part of our Plymouth team. We are SO thankful to have her here. While she has been with Yellow Brick Road, she has taken the time to have thoughtful conversations with her co-workers, students, parents, and leaders! She is always fun to communicate with because all of her conversations are full of the cheer and joy that she brings into our schools!

ms giana

Whether it is to the children, their parents, or her coworkers, Ms. Gianna makes sure that she is always communicating in a positive and nurturing way. As one of our mentor teachers, she is helping our newer teachers learn the YBR Way and she models effective communication skills in her mentoring. She has her students saying please and thank you and is always taking the time to make sure they understand what is being asked of them. The parents are aware of what is happening in the classroom as Gianna is giving updates through Kangarootime and in person! Ms. Gianna is one of Bricky’s Best communicators!

ms sam

Ms. Sam is Bricky’s Best communicator in our Maple Grove location! She exudes excellent communication skills with parents, both over KangarooTime and in-person! She always has a smile on her face when speaking with anyone, and she takes the time to listen and really engage in every conversation she is a part of. She shows grace and poise in all of her conversations, and approaches difficult conversations in a calm, professional manner. We, and the parents, absolutely adore her!


For anyone who knows any of these ladies, it is clear that their communication skills exceed expectations! They each value communicating with their co-teachers, students, parents, and leaders; and we are so appreciative of these ladies and their efforts!