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Jessica Johnsen – Influential CEO of the Year 2022

jessica johnsen ceo ybr

Our CEO, Jessica Johnsen, was recognized by Acquisition International in their Global Excellence Awards as the Influential CEO of the Year 2022 – Education Programs! This award was given to her after the team at Acquisition International heard Jessica’s story with Yellow Brick Road.

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Many developmental changes that Jessica has brought into Yellow Brick Road over the last three years have been beyond influential to her team and the teams that she works with. Jessica is headstrong and driven and can accomplish anything she puts her mind to. Thankfully for Yellow Brick Road and our sister schools, she is consistently working towards improving our programs through necessary innovation as time goes on. When Jessica recognizes a new point of growth in our organization she first turns to her teams of YBR leaders, other preschool owners, and assesses current market changes to find long-lasting and sustainable solutions.

In the article written about Jessica, the author addresses many of the influential ways she made beneficial changes and adjustments to keep Yellow Brick Road open and thriving throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these changes were made in 2020, with our parents and teachers in the front of her mind. The main goal of sustainability throughout 2020 was to ensure our schools stayed open and that we did not have to lay off any teachers. Jessica was able to reach that goal! Here is what the article says about Jessica’s innovative approach throughout 2020.

“This fresh approach to the business did not stall when the pandemic hit. In fact, Jessica and her newly revitalized team accelerated their innovative approach to childcare. The decision to do this was not taken lightly, and involved trying ways of working that were entirely different to keep the business on the rails. It involved an approach which championed innovation above all else. It involved taking risks that might not pay off. Such an inspirational approach is a credit to Jessica Johnsen, who never shied away from the complex decisions at the heart of her business.

Jessica is not only influential but also inspirational. As the CEO, Jessica leads leaders, who lead teachers, who teach and inspire our next generation inside of our classrooms! Jessica has at one point been in every person’s shoes inside of the Yellow Brick Road organization. Beginning her career as a teacher she later became a Director, Mentor, and finally, our CEO! She leads with passion and she is able to offer everyone in our team pieces of advice that she has learned over the years. One thing that Jessica is well-known for, is leading by example and teaching by doing.

In the article, they stated, “Jessica’s whole approach, the one which has truly inspired the team at Yellow Brick Road, has revolved around taking ownership of a situation and finding a solution for herself. Her role as CEO is to lead her team to success no matter what.”

Working in the team that is led by Jessica, it is easy to see her passion shine through her actions, but it is a true testament to her effort and work that those working outside of our organization can see it as clearly!

 From all of us on #TeamYBR, we are so thankful to have a leader as strong and influential as Jessica. We hope that her work continues to inspire other leaders, teachers, and children the way that it has here at Yellow Brick Road for the last three years!

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You can read the full article about Jessica in the May issue of Acquisition International here: