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Bricky’s Best Teachers and their Communication

communication at ybr

This month we are kicking off our Bricky’s Best Blog post where we are highlighting teachers in our schools who exude our core values! This month our Directors chose teachers who they felt exemplified our core value of Communication!

ms mckenzie

Ms. Mackenzie is one of our amazing infant teachers in our Minnetonka location! She does a wonderful job of communicating with the parents and making sure that all of the babies in her room are loved and taken care of! She has brought great ideas to the team and is always willing to help her co-workers bring new ideas to life!

Ms. Krissia is this month’s Bricky’s Best teacher in our Eden Prairie location! Krissia spends most of her time in our infant room playing and communicating with her students and co-teachers! Ms. Krissia is always one of the first teachers to communicate with our parents, newly hired teachers, and her team.

ms stephanie

Ms. Stephanie is this month’s Bricky’s Best teacher in Maple Grove! Ms. Stephanie has been so helpful in all areas within the center and is excellent at communicating with her co-workers the needs of her students, the center, and our parents. Ms. Stephanie’s constant communication helps keep our school running smoothly on a daily basis!

Our Assistant Director, Ms. Sara, is Bricky’s Best teacher in our Plymouth location this month! Ms. Sara communicates with the team of teachers in Plymouth daily to relay the needs of the center and parents. She brings her  innovative ideas to life by using her great communication and execution skills!


Each of these amazing teachers understand the importance of excellent communication! Communication is one of our core values because we know that to build a collaborative relationship with our parents for our students, we must have a relationship that is built on, and by, communication!