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Fantastic Friendships at YBR

fantastic friendships at yvr

On Monday of this week, our students participated in their Friendship Parties in their classrooms! Some students passed out notes, others passed out small prizes, and some kiddos gave their friends art projects that they made in class. Our students spent Monday discussing the importance of kindness, respect, empathy, and compassion. Our older students learned how these words are the root of strong friendships, while our younger students witness the effects of these words from their teachers and friends!

Since the friendship parties earlier in the week, our students have been enthralled with crafts, activities, and lessons that have been based around friendship and love!

happy valentines day at ybr

Some of our youngest students made hand-print flower art to bring home to spread love and cheer!

valentines day hearts at ybr

One of our teachers planned a group art project that allowed our students to work collaboratively on these adorable pink hearts!

valentines day heart at ybr preschool

Our babies in on of our infant rooms made this sweet art project that says “I love you from the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes!”.

valentines day heart 2 at ybr preschool

Preschoolers in our Maple Grove location made these beautiful sun catchers out of contact paper and tissue paper!

While each of these activities were done by different students in different classrooms with different lessons, they all have one common themes of Friendship and Love! We have truly enjoyed watching our students learn about emotions and friendships through various lessons and medias throughout this week!