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Bricky’s Best Teachers are Innovative!

brickys best are innovative

This month we are highlighting our most Innovative teachers as Bricky’s Best!! In each of our classrooms, our teachers work together to develop new innovative processes to teach their students. Our teachers are committed to bettering our curriculum and practices inside of their classrooms each and every day! Here are our teachers who have been highlighted as Bricky’s Best this month!

ms cassi

In our Maple Grove location, Ms. Cassi is Bricky’s Best! She might be a bit newer to us, but it feels as though she’s always been a part of this team. From the moment she stepped into the Pre-K classroom, she has had big goals — for the children and the classroom. She dove head first into planning fresh, creative, and innovative lessons for her students that are keeping them engaged, excited, and curious about what she’s got up her sleeve next! Ms. Cassi is so eager to learn and continues to bring new ideas to her classroom! We are so excited to have her on board with us and cannot wait to continue to watch the impact she has on our children!


In our Minnetonka location, Ms. Emma is always designing some fun new artwork for the babies to look at and admire or for them to create with her. She is consistently looking for fun new ways to interact and play with the babies! Emma is open to new ideas and wants to learn and grow so she can become the best teacher she can be for her little friends! We all love Emma’s positive go-getter attitude and how great of a co-worker she is!

ms mackenzie

This month our Bricky’s Best in our Eden Prairie location is Ms. MacKenzie! You will find MacKenzie in all the rooms here at YBR. She is the new Assistant Director with years of childcare experience under her belt. She has her little man Lincoln here, an older son Jaxson and baby girl Eliana due in December! We are so excited to have her!

ms kelly

In Plymouth, our Bricky’s Best is Ms. Kelly! You will find Ms. Kelly in room 125 smiling and playing with the children. She is always so willing to help in new and innovative ways around the center. Ms. Kelly does an amazing job getting to know each child and really connecting with them. Ms. Kelly is a wonderful asset to our Plymouth team.

ms nyajuo

 Ms. Nyajuol is a newer teacher with Yellow Brick Road in Omaha, and is already exhibiting our Bricky’s Best focus of Innovation! Not only did she come in with many of her own great ideas, but she also quickly began following all of our best practices and adapted very well. She is always aiming to improve efficiency and effectiveness. She does all of this while giving our infants the love, care, and nurturing attention that they deserve!

ms amber

Ms. Amber is very innovative in our Bennington location! She is currently growing tomatoes in her classroom to teach her students the process of photosynthesis and an appreciation of hard work, patience, and harvesting!

ms cathy

Ms. Cathy wears MANY hats in our Harrison school, but Innovation is definitely where she leads the charge. Ms. Cathy recently took to her own research to assist a special needs child with his outbursts and has found several ways to be helpful in the classroom!  Her projects and classroom work far exceed what parents would normally ask for in any setting.