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Meet the Director: Ms. Laurie

ms laurie

This week we are continuing our Meet the Director blog series, and we are excited to introduce you all to Ms. Laurie! If your family is a part of any of our Minnesota schools then you have likely seen Ms. Laurie in classrooms or around our hallways! Laurie has been working in our Minnesota schools as a floating Director, and we have enjoyed getting to know her. We are excited to tell all of you a little bit about her as well…

We started our questions for Laurie by asking her why she began her career in early childhood education!

“I started in childcare out of my love for children and the fact that I had three of my own. I wanted a different world for them. ” Laurie shares her passion with every teacher,  parent, and child she encounters!

Next, we asked Laurie why she wanted to become a Director for Yellow Brick Road!

“I believe finding Yellow Brick Road was a true gift. I knew one of the Yellow Brick Road Directors but I didn’t know Yellow Brick Roads Program. I toured the Plymouth Center and I was completely overwhelmed and amazed. Seeing the engagement between children and teachers, the lesson plans, the creative projects hanging on the walls, and feeling the warm environment was top-notch. I knew I needed to be a part of the Yellow Brick Road Family!”

While Laurie is meeting most of our families, we had to ask her what her best piece of advice was for new parents who are looking for the perfect preschool!

“I always tell first-time parents to trust their own instincts. It’s a natural gift and a blessing. When you walk through rooms of a school, any school, you should be able to FEEL and SEE the passion and love for the children and their families. Also, If you have questions, ask!  Ask as many questions as your heart has. That’s what builds trust in relationships. It’s perfectly OK to feel a bit scared, overwhelmed, and sad. And why not… that little kiddo owns your heart and that’s what makes you a loving parent!!”

Anyone who works in early childhood education can tell you that each day looks a little bit different. We asked Laurie what her favorite part of her day is!

“By far, I look forward to the hugs and smiles from the littles every single morning. It warms my heart. I also look forward to working side-by-side with the teachers and watching their daily wins and achievements!”

Laurie has been working in our classrooms as a mentor to our teachers in each of our locations. She has gotten to witness a lot of professional and personal growth as she has gotten to know our teachers!

At Yellow Brick Road, we celebrate professional and personal growth in everyone on our team! We asked Laurie which areas she has grown in since becoming a Director!

“What have I learned!? Learning Yellow Brick Road’s core values and making a conscious daily effort to do my best to live by them personally. By doing this personally it benefits me professionally in that it keeps me; humble, encouraged, and wanting to do better, be better, and get enthusiastic every day!”

From the moment Laurie joined Team YBR, she has shown each of our core values inside of our buildings daily!

 Knowing that Lauries has a strong tie to our Core Values, we had to ask her which core values stood out most to her!

“I love the core value of  “collaboration“! When a family or a team comes together successfully in collaboration, the other core values fall into place like a beautiful puzzle. ”

 Lastly, we asked Laurie what piece of advice she would give to a teacher beginning their career in early childhood education. As a mentor, she is full of ideas and suggestions inside and outside of the classroom!

Advice? Be YOU! Be your authentic self. You are a child’s window into their days and futures. Shine bright! Imagine and believe as a child does with no blinders on. Love deeply and teach fiercely from your heart and you will not fail