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Bricky’s Best Teachers are Postive

brickys best teachers are positve

 This month we are highlighting our most Positive #TeamYBR members as Bricky’s Best!! Everyone on our team is positive, nurturing, and fun. It is hard not to be positive when you are working with amazing kiddos and families. Here are just a few of our team members who have stood out as positive and welcoming inside of our schools!

ms katy

There is no shortage of positivity when Ms. Katy walks through the door of our Maple Grove location in Minnesota! Ms. Katy shows up to work every morning with a positive mindset. She tackles each day with a smile on her face and her positivity radiates on to her students and coworkers. Her positivity shines through in that she is always engaging with her students in a positive manner, helping to set the tone for the entire classroom for the day. Ms. Katy also has an uncanny ability to crack jokes at all the right times to make anyone smile!

ms kara

In our Minnetonka location in Minnesota, Ms. Kara does a great job of showing all of our core values; but if we had to pick one that she excels at we would definitely choose Positivity! Ms. Kara is one of our most positive teachers and always has a smile on her face! She loves her Wobblers and is always doing fun things like puppet shows and reading books with them! She is helpful to her coworkers and checks in to see how they are doing! We all love Ms. Kara, especially her Wobblers in her classroom!

ms kelsey

In our Eden Prairie location, our Director, Kelsey has been a beacon of positivity! Kelsey embodies all of our core values and radiates cheer, excitement, and positivity.Each day she comes into our school looking for ways to spread positivy through teambuilding activities, lessons inside the classrooms, and jokes that she shares with parents. Her passion for making people smile is evident!

ms malaya

Ms. Malaya in our Plymouth location is a great example of a postive teacher! She brings her positive attitude to her classroom every day and it does not stop there.She is a ray of sunshine for everyone in our school, from her co-teachers, to our parents, and of course her students! We lovie having her positive presence in our Plymouth location!

ms tierra

Ms. Tierra is the epitome of Positivity in Bennington! Always being in a good mood and having the best smile on her face are just the beginning!  Her students grow and learn from her good attitude and radiate the same light she gives off.  She is truly a beacon of light in our Bennington school with staff and students.

ms haley

In our Omaha location, you never see Ms. Haley without a smile on her face and a dance in her step. No matter what the day may throw at her, she accepts it with grace and dignity. She remains optimistic when facing challenges throught the day. She works hard to spread her positivity with all of her co-workers and any children that she works with. It is great to have someone with her positivity as a part of #TeamYBR!


We want to thank all of our teachers, parents, and leaders for continually working to make Yellow Brick Road a positive, nurturing, and inviting community for all of our students!