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Graduations at YBR!

graduations at ybr

Summer time is fun-filled and busy for our teams at Yellow Brick Road! In between bike days, water days, field trips, and so much more; our teachers are preparing for the next school year to begin. However, before we move into the next school year we want to reflect on our time with our most recent graduates! Many of our graduates have been at Yellow Brick Road since infancy. We have watched them grow and develop into young scholars who are academically and socially prepared for kindergarten!


Each year we celebrate our graduates in a graduation celebration! Our graduations each look slightly different, but they have quite a few things in common….


 First, there is a full class of pre-k students eager to begin their academic careers!

preschoolers graduating

Second, the ceremonies are led by passionate teachers who are often tearful watching their class move on!

young student graduating from preschool

Third, there is a sea of proud parents watching their children reach their final preschool milestones together!

At Yellow Brick Road, we not only teach our students all that they need to know for kindergarten, but we build a solid foundation with them for a successful academic future. We believe that through our interest and play-based curriculum our students gain all of the skills that they need to become well-rounded students, children, and people.


We offer a safe and nurturing environment to let our students explore their own interests, reach milestones at their own pace, and develop their own individual personalities! And even at this moment as you read this blog post, our teachers are preparing for yet another year full of growth, development, and education as we continue to prepare our students for their futures!