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Cool Down Toys

5 cool down toys

5 COOL, Cool Down Toys for your Kiddos!

Have you had an argument with your toddler and just thought… “Why am I even arguing with a two year old?” Well… join the club!  We try and try to reason with a child and sometimes, that’s just not what works.  Enter: FIDGETS!  Fidget toys became popular a few years ago to help both adults and littles learn to focus.  But, why should I get ANOTHER little toy for my kiddo to play with or throw or lose?  Our answer… because every child has a time when they need to “cool down” from an activity or situation. 

Sometimes it just takes some sort of distraction for little minds to reset and recalibrate in order to process the emotions and feelings they have.  Here’s a fun look at FIVE toys your kiddos can learn from, cool down their behaviors with, and enjoy all at the same time! 


Kids are OBSESSED with these!  This may not be the BEST cool down bucket idea, but kiddos can easily start using their thinking caps when they’re putting together magnetic shapes and colors!

magnetic tiles


If you’re thinking you have enough… you may not!  The size, shape, color of the pop it helps with all age groups!  You can always donate or rotate your outdated pop-its to a local school.

pop its


Warning… these get a little noisy!  Pulling, twisting, attaching… the noise is actually soothing to the kiddos and often alleviates their need to be louder than is reasonable for room you’re in. 

sensory tubes


We played with Rubix Cubes when we were little, and a lot of kiddos enjoy the thinking involved with pattern creation and movement!

twist cubes


Buyer beware… maybe avoid the cheapest versions of these, but the water movement and fluidity can help a child process their breathing even! 


Instead of time-outs or breaks or punishments… try to work through the emotions and find the true feelings.  Working with a “Cool Down Bucket” might be the key to your kiddo!  Each child is sooo different, so please know this may not work for everyone based on your situation.  Our biggest suggestion is to be consistent.  Consistency with children is so key to helping alleviate some unnecessary pressures. 


And remember… mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, guardian, family member… You’re doing a great job!