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Teacher Appreciation 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is ALWAYS one of our favorites to enjoy!  Our Admin team puts a lot of time and effort into how they can dedicate thoughtful events into celebrating their teachers.  Every year, whether we ask or not, our parents show up in the BEST way possible!  We received hundreds of donations, gift cards, thoughtful items, swag and more from our student’s parents, and we toooooootally felt the love and appreciation for these teachers!

This week our schools have been full of games, food, prizes, smiles, laughs, and so many thank yous!! While we appreciate our teachers every week, we turned our focus this week to show them how much we appreciate all they do for our students!

We celebrated our teachers in all of our schools in a couple of different ways this year!!

In Iowa, some of our schools went all out with a travel theme! Ms. Elvedina in our South Grimes location put a lot of work and effort into making our teachers feel like they were traveling around the world this week. They had themed days with meals, activities, prizes, and SO much more! Be sure to keep your eye out for some travel-related pictures in the video below.

In another one of our Iowa schools, Ms. Kenedy and Ms. Kerigan put together a board game themed week! Each day the teachers played games to get prizes, and by the end of the week everyone felt like winners!!

In Nebraska, our Bricky Bunch planned a Willy Wonka week with different meals, activities, and dress-up days based on characters from the movie! This was such a sweet week spent celebrating our teachers and at the end of the week, they even got their own golden tickets!!

Our Minnesota schools ‘cruised’ through teacher appreciation week with themed days based on what you would find on a cruise ship! They had dress-up days, catered meals, fun giveaways and so much more!

Every school takes a unique approach to celebrating, and that’s half the fun!  Take a look for yourself at how we spent our week celebrating our teachers in all of our schools!