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CORE VALUE FOCUS: Collaboration

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We all know about collaboration… we might love it, we might not!  At Yellow Brick Road, we focus heavily on true collaboration and are excited to show off this core value to you today!

Collaboration with children means consulting with children in ways that are developmentally appropriate and meaningful to the child. It also requires adults to provide children with opportunities to express their views and be genuinely listened to by caring, responsive adults.  We want ALL children to be the most successful they can be in our schools and also in life!

Our leadership team and management team collaborate together on a weekly and daily basis!  It seems funny to think that in childcare, there are roles outside of a classroom, but our Directors, Regional Directors, HR, Family Accounts and more all meet regularly to talk through ways to continuously improve our company!  With tracking information and constantly working solidifying our foundation, this type of Team Collaboration is key to our team!

Community Collaboration is new in some areas of our organization simply because the schools are new!  In Minnesota and Nebraska, we have established wonderful connections within the local business and networking organizations such as Chambers of Commerce.  These organizations allow us to continue to support local with any efforts we have.  We’ve been able to collaborate with high school and college students for volunteer hours, internships and mock interviews to propel them forward in their futures. Our Iowa schools are involved with a few local organizations and have big plans for the summer!

In classrooms, our teachers are encouraged to collaborate and work together.  Work smarter not harder…right?  So, teachers can utilize our curriculum utility and co-op on projects, lessons and more!  This helps combine classrooms for more age group socialization and nurturing their young minds with exciting adventures with new friends.

One of the MOST fun things we do monthly is feature a “Bricky’s Best” in every school for using a specific Core Value: Communication, Collaboration, Innovation, Nurturing, Positivity and Fun!  Since we’re clearly focused on Collaboration this month, we’re sharing one of Bricky’s Best from every state we’re in!


Minnetonka, MN- Ms. Jaelynn!

Ms. Jaelynn

Jaelynn loves her Wobbler class, but she is always willing to help where needed!  She collaborates with her co-workers to make sure that they have help and is always willing to do dishes or other center responsibilities to help out the team!

We all appreciate her collaboration and willingness to help out where needed!

Downtown Des Moines, IA – EP Teachers
(Ms. Kacie couldn’t pick just ONE!)

Downtown Des Moines Teachers

Our Bricky’s Best for March are the teachers in classroom 107. These three teachers in our Exploring Preschool Room are always sharing ideas and collaborating with all of our classrooms. They are willing and motivated to jump in and help out in any classroom that needs it. They are truly here to be a part of each classroom’s success; These children are their passion! True Leaders!

Omaha, NE Harrison St – Ms. Susan

Ms. Susan

Miss Susan is Bricky’s Best this Month for the Core Value of Collaboration.  Susan is always Flexible, Understanding, Willing and a true Team Player.  Susan brings in a positive attitude and mindset everyday! A little bit about Susan, her favorite color is Green, she loves cosmic brownies and skittles and one of her hobbies is Collecting Crystals!