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Healthy Heart Challenge 2023


Yellow Brick Road’s Healthy Heart Challenge is BACK!! Last year, we challenged our teachers to intentionally invoke healthy and happy habits in their daily lives… and it was a hit! This year, we are changing up a few things and bringing back our February challenge!

 Yellow Brick Road’s Healthy Heart Challenge is held throughout the entire month of February and at each of our locations. Our teachers are each given trackers, goal sheets, gratitude journals, water bottles, stress balls… you get the picture! We give them everything they need to be set up for success in this challenge.

 We are also partnering with local business in Nebraska, Iowa, and Minnesota to give our teachers oportuinites in their neighborhoods to continue the habits they pick up in the 28 days of our challenge!

Here is a sneakpeak at our trackers this year!

This year, we are tracking sleep, fruits and vegetables, water, steps, and a healthy mind! The healthy mind section is new this year and it is based off of a neat bingo card that lists 30 options four our teachers to cultivate healthy mental habits throughout the month! Our teachers can chose which activity they want to participate in each day, and then list that on their tracker!!

Here is our bingo card for 2023!


One of the best things about this challenge, is that it is low pressure for anyone who participates. By tracking five days out of the week, setting personal point goals weekly, and choosing activities from the bingo card to participate in each day; our teachers are in control of how this challenge is played out for them!

Our ultimate goal with this challenge is to promote healthy mental and physical habits in our teacher’s lives. We know that a healthy and happy heart is the foundation to a healthy and happy life!

 If you want to join the teachers of Yellow Brick Road in the challenge, feel free to reach out to your Director for your own tracker and bingo card! We would love to hear about your own journey in the month of February, so be sure to post your updates and use the hashtag #YBRHealthyHeart!