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National Go Red Day 2023

national go red day

Today is National Go Red Day!! We have given all of our teachers red shirts to help spread awareness of Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Month! The month of February has a lot packed into it at Yellow Brick Road. Our teachers are competing in our YBR Healthy Heart Challenge as we mentioned in our blog a few weeks ago and still staying on top of their game as amazing teachers in our classrooms.

We put an emphasis on having a healthy mind and body in the month of February to help everyone at Yellow Brick Road start their year off right. It just so happens, this challenge perfectly alights with Cardiovascular Disease Awareness Month!

Here are a couple of statistics regarding Cardiovascular Disease that may interest or even inspire you….

  • Heart disease is the leading cause of death in America in both men and women.
  • Getting regular exercise, like walking or biking, can decrease your chance of heart disease.
  • Not getting enough sleep at night, and being stressed, can lead to high blood pressure High blood pressure is one of the leading causes of heart disease.
  • Keeping a well-balanced diet and staying hydrated can also lower your chances of heart disease.


Now, truthfully, each of these facts about heart disease is well known and at Yellow Brick Road we are not doctors… we are simply early childhood experts who care about the well-being of the students and teachers inside of our schools! That is why we created the YBR Healthy Heart challenge. If you take a look at our weekly trackers for this challenge, we are tracking; water, sleep, fruits and vegetables, steps, and mindfulness. Looking at the common causes of heart disease and the alternatives that can decrease the chances, we set this challenge up in favor of a Healthy Heart! In fact, that is where the challenge got its name, to begin with!


Since this challenge began on February 1st, and it is only the 3rd today, we do not have any results to share yet. However, we do have some adorable pictures of our teachers getting excited about the challenge and participating in Go Red Day! Check them out here…