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Holiday Giving

COMMUNITY EFFORTS! Sharing our passion to be valuable in the community, one step at a time.

holiday giving

“We aim to be recognized within the community as a great place to work, kind to the environment, and a collaborative member.”

This statement is part of our orientation process with ALL new staff members regarding our company and how we see ourselves.  Today, we want to focus on being recognized within the community! 

Coming into a holiday season such as this, we are always looking for opportunities to give back to our local communities!  We have staff who are heavily involved with our local Chambers of Commerce, Parents Groups, and community activities.  It is SUCH a joy to add staff to our team who currently and actively seek volunteer opportunities, but its even more fun to have our families join in!

Around Thanksgiving, we typically look for a local organization accepting donations of sorts.  This year, our Nebraska locations partnered specifically with small, local foodbanks that had expressed a need to be filled.  One, in particular, was in Bennington.  Bennington’s pantry was so low, the community came together to offer a matching gift: $1 for every item if 500 items were donated.  Our YBR’s locally came together to host and accept donations, offering a pizza party in return for the winners, and exceeded all expectations from the surrounding neighborhoods!  Each classroom rallied around the cause with family support that our staff never expected to have.

preschool children during holiday giving
preschool teachers during holiday giving
holiday giving at preschool

Each school, company wide, was able to partner with another local organization for Christmas time!  While some schools partnered with Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Firefighter Toy Drives, and more, our Minnetonka and other Minnesota locations opted to work directly with our friends at the Boys and Girls Club of the Twin Cities.  We have a special friendship and partnership with these guys, and what a JOY it was to see the looks on their faces when they picked up at every school.  These toys went back into our community for kiddos who would be in need this season.  Our efforts also allowed for the Boys and Girls Club to shop for missed items or desired items from community youth.  How fun!

In essence, we believe every step we take should be toward the betterment of our communities.  With twenty plus schools across the Midwest, we’re not naïve enough to believe we’ve solved the world’s problems 😊 (yet!) We do, however, want to always put the best humans into the world with our curriculum, culture, and community.  Our Core Values dwell on collaboration which doesn’t end inside our four walls.  It extends with every step your kiddos take into the world, every word our staff speaks when they walk around our neighborhoods and every decision we implement to work towards our goal of being recognized within our areas as having a positive effect on those around us. 

With the holiday season always bringing up the biggest “feels” it makes us evermore grateful for those who have made a difference with us this year!  Our hope is that we reach at least one person who chooses to impact with an act of kindness, a gift of time, a word of affirmation to those around you.  Happiest Holidays from all of us at Yellow Brick Road, and we wish you ALLL comfort and joy!