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Jessica Johnsen CEO of YBR

jessica johnsen top ceo

Jessica Johnsen, CEO of Yellow Brick Road, was recognized as one of the Top 10 Powerhouse Business Women of Influence of 2021! Beyond magazine not only wrote a piece highlighting all of the ways that she is an “Exemplary Leader Capable of Finding Solution to Every Problem“, but they also featured her on the cover of their Autumn issue!

Jessica has been with Yellow Brick Road since the summer of 2019. She brought her personal and professional goals to Yellow Brick Road with her. When asked what sucess looked like to her, Jessica responded; ““For me, success is providing quality employment for an industry that deserves so much more respect than it gets,” Jessica says. It is about inspiring children as well. She believes that when they see successful businesspeople within their learning environment, they learn about work ethic and getting fulfillment from a personal mission at a young age. They begin to model themselves on such people.” (Beyond, P.10).

Jessica has made it clear since she joined Yellow Brick Road that she believes in every person involved in the schools. Her feelings surrounding success for herself and those around her are exemplified in every conversation that she has with the teachers, parents, and staff members of Yellow Brick Road!

As the CEO, Jessica puts her heart into finding solutions that work for everyone involved when a problem arises. Jessica told Beyond magazine that she accepts the responsibility of being a problem-solver for Yellow Brick Road! ““No one will give me a solution,” Jessica says. “I am in charge of finding one.”” (Beyond P.13). There is no problem too big or small to inspire growth and change. Jessica works closely with the leadership team inside of Yellow Brick Road to ensure every issue that arises is met with an innovative solution to counter having similar issues in the future.

In addition to working with the leadership team to solve problems, Jessica also works closely with the leadership team to lead professional growth in her employees! Beyond Magazine says; “She and her team strive to learn and grow each day. They read a lot of books on leadership. They never hesitate to admit their mistakes publicly. Jessica leads her team to believe that we are all human and we will support each other through every step forward and every step back. “We also are competively priced and pay our teachers well,” Jessica says. “We help our employees reach their personal goals.”

It is an honnor to have our CEO recognized for her tremendous efforts in growing the community inside of Yellow Brick Road. The article from Beyond Magazine clearly outlines Jessica’s performance that we, as employees, are able to witness each day! From everyone at Yellow Brick Road; thank you for being a truly inspirational leader, Jessica!

To read more about how Jessica works closely with her leadership team and to learn more about her personal goals, check out the entire article about Jessica Johnsen here: