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A Look Back at 2021

Look Back at 2021

This year has been a big year here at Yellow Brick Road! Our families and teachers have continued building a warm and welcoming community inside of our schools. We have watched children grow from our infant rooms into toddlers and we saw a few of our older students begin kindergarten in the Fall! This year has been a great year full of reflection and growth and it was truly such a great year thanks to everyone who makes up the YBR Family!

Yellow Brick Road had quite a few major accomplishments in 2021 and we are excited to re-cap them all with our families and teachers!

We welcomed two new schools into the YBR family in Nebraska! Our owners, who are originally from Nebraska and Iowa, have been between Nebraska and Minnesota ensuring the quality of Yellow Brick Road remains the same between all six of our locations!

We have enhanced our training programs and developed a training manual called The YBR Way! Our teachers are able to join our team, understand the background of YBR, and walk into the classroom on their first day at work with enthusiasm and confidence thanks to our training efforts!

Our teachers spent an entire professional development day being trained on positive discipline, given the opportunity to develop their careers, and we made it easier for our teachers to connect with other teachers across all of our schools!

We welcomed Mini-Me Sports as an enrichment program in all of our Minnesota schools! Mini-Me Sports was a very well-welcomed enrichment program because it was started by two of our long-term teachers. It has been fun watching our students in our schools develop an appreciation for health, wellness, and a variety of sports!

We added a secondary curriculum to our play-based curriculum called Funny Daffer! Our teachers love this new tool because it is customizable, easy to use, and they are able to express their creative freedom in their lesson plans based on their student’s interests!

While these are just a few of the accomplishments that we have had in this last year, we also have to mention the amazing dedication our teachers displayed this year! Our teachers developed creative and fun lesson plans that covered topics like; season changes, the life cycle of butterflies, space, Spring activities, and Earth Day!