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Jessica Johnsen Profile

Jessica Johnsen Top CEO 2021 YBR Preschool

Over the past two years Yellow Brick Road has had the opportunity to grow and flourish through the leadership and guidance of our CEO Jessica Johnsen. Jessica was recently recognized as one of the Top 20 Dynamic CEOs of 2021 in the United States!

Jessica Johnsen Top CEO 2021

Jessica was asked to participate in an online publication and we are thrilled to share this article with all of our families and teachers! Once The CEO Publication interviewed Jessica and experienced what we here at Yellow Brick Road have the pleasure of experiencing every day, they decided to put her photo on the cover of their magazine and feature her story!

Jessica Johnsen CEO Publication Cover

Jessica’s personal goal is to develop the child care industry for all children, teachers, and professionals. Here is just a short excerpt from the article about Jessica’s work to develop the field of Early Childhood Education.

“Jessica is the design and creative force behind the company’s products and services. She is willing to “jump in” the day-to-day as needed but trusts her leadership team to make and execute decisions. Jessica is kind but firm in interactions with staff, and most importantly, fun! When asked, Jessica would say it’s her relationships with her team, colleagues, and mentors that have gotten her company to where it is in such a short time. Her communication and commitment to having everyone rowing in the same direction are second to none.
As an industry-known speaker, trainer, and motivator, Jessica is constantly leading groups of other business owners across the country. She believes that there are no trade secrets, only execution. She is always willing to share any ideas – even with potential competitors. Jessica takes messages and calls from other business leaders to offer advice, share ideas, or even take a look at financials, policy, or practice. Jessica believes that culture should be “top-down.” Jessica has a strong leadership team and believes that they should pave the way modeling hard work, fun, and implementing core values. “If our leaders aren’t on board, why should the staff be?
We listen to all ideas, and the “we’ve already tried that” mentality isn’t allowed. Instead, when presented with new ideas or ways of doing things, we take the “how can we apply this in a way that makes sense for us” mentality. Inspiring change is about to buy in, motivation, and clear expectations with accountability,” says the steadfast leader.” (The CEO Publication, P. 11-12)

In each of our schools Innovation, Collaboration, Communication, Positivity, Fun, and Nurturing are listed as our Core Values. Jessica not only exemplifies these core values but she leads Yellow Brick Road with these core values in the center of each of her actions. She believes in our students, families, schools, teachers, and leaders; and that is what makes her a Dynamic CEO!

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