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Spirit Week At YBR!

spirit week at ybr

One of our core values at Yellow Brick Road is Fun! What is more fun than Spirit Weeks?! The past two weeks have been full of spirit at Yellow Brick Road, so this week we are highlighting all of the exciting days that our children have participated in!

With baseball season in full swing and football season approaching… we had to have a sports day in our Minnetonka location!

young child in bears outfit
young boy in twins outfit
boys in vikings jerseys
preschoolers in minn twins outfit


Earlier in the week, we dedicated a day to tie-dying shirts so that we could end the week in our tie-dye shirts!! Our students had a blast picking out their colors, and they were so excited to see everyone’s shirts at the end of the week.

young boy creating decoration
boy using puffpaint
young girls smiling at preschool

In our Plymouth location, we had a “dress like a grandparent” day! Our students came dressed like some of their favorite people!

young girl in sunglasses
smiling boy at desk
boy with fake nose

No spirit week is complete without a wacky and out-of-this-world-themed day!! Most of our students picked their own outfits for these days and they were very proud of the different items they chose!

girl in summer hat
teacher and student in butterfly costume
toddler teething

Inside our schools, we prioritize having fun, coming together as a community, and enjoying our time spent together! Our spirit weeks are chosen by each school and every Director picks days that they know will get their children excited. Each school’s spirit week looks unique, just like the communities inside of our classrooms!