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Teacher Appreciation Week at YBR

teacher appreciation at ybr

This week we had the opportunity to celebrate what it means to be a teacher at Yellow Brick Road during Teacher Appriciation Week! Each of our teachers chooses to work in our schools because they have a passion for early childhood education and helping our students develop both social-emotionally and academically. Our teachers are hard working and dedicated, so this week we teamed up with our parents and we celebrated all of the work that our teachers put into our students every day!

This week our celebrations looked a little bit different in each school. Our teachers and parents in each location work together to create individualized communities inside of our centers, and we are excited to share how each school celebrated with you all!

Here is a glimpse at what each school did to celebrate teacher appreciation week!

In our Nebraska schools, our teachers were treated to a Yellow Brick Road themed week! On Monday they were greeted with the Yellow Brick Road itself, and then in the following days there were treated to goodies all themed around The Wizard of Oz!

teacher and young students at yellow brick road preschool

In our Minnetonka school, our amazing parents came in over the weekend and set up signs of appreciation for each of our teachers to really feel the love on Monday morning! They also catered in breakfast and lunches throughout the week making each day feel special!

teachers at ybr
teacher appreciation signs at ybr

In all of our Minnesota locations we had a cookie dough truck stop by called Cookie Dough Bliss! They are based out of Lakeville, Minnesota, and we were very thankful to have them visit our teachers this week!

ice cream truck

We want to say thank you again to all of our parents, directors, and community members for making this Teacher Apprciation week feel extra special! Mostly, we want to thank our teachers! We are so appreciative of all of the work that you do each day and we are thankful that you choose to teach at Yellow Brick Road!