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The Six Human Needs Meet our Six Core Values

ybr six core values

This week our leadership team discussed the Six Human Needs that everyone needs in their lives! We talked about how each of us meets these needs for everyone we encounter in our schools and our daily lives. Our focus in this conversation was to connect our six core values that we are already living by to the six needs. The two blended seamlessly! It was easy to see how we are using our core values to meet everyone’s needs naturally!

ybr 6 human needs

First… our teacher, our parents, and most importantly our students NEED certainty! When they come into our buildings everyone feels certain that they are safe and secured through our daily communication on all fronts!

Second… while it was not a fan-favorite in discussions, variety stuck out to us! No one likes “unknowing” or the feeling of “uncertainty”, however, through collaboration with everyone in the building these feelings feel easier to manage and work through!

Third… this one is the EASIEST to meet because everyone in our schools holds unique significance! It keeps us positive in all situations because there is such a sense of belonging in our schools. Our students know their roles in the classrooms and they each feel special! Our teachers know the value they bring to their families and students. Our parents know that they are so important to us through their connections with our teachers and leadership team!

Fourth… there is nothing we value more than connection through nurturing in all of our classes. From our teaching styles to our activities, to the conversations between teachers and students, it is easy to feel the love in our schools! Truthfully, our nurturing is what makes meeting the need of significance so easy because it is just so natural at Yellow Brick Road!

Fifth… one of our favorite core values and now, one of our favorite human needs; growth and innovation! We focus on getting students ready for kindergarten in all of our classes from infancy on. Our goal is always to develop our students by meeting them where they are and tailoring our curriculum to their needs! We also work with our families as they grow together. Our teachers are a resource for our parents navigating the ever-changing world of parenting!! We do what we do to watch our Yellow Brick Road communities grow!

Sixth… You can not talk about Yellow Brick Road without thinking of our core value of FUN!!! What you may not know is the ways we contribute to our communities. Being locally owned in all of our markets, we bring in a lot of local talent and resources for our families. We are a part of our local Chambers of Commerce in our communities and we value the people around us so so much! We do everything that we can to participate as much as possible, and give back as much as possible!

Simply put, this discussion around the human needs gave us more awareness of what we are already doing in our schools and how we can continue to do MORE! Now, it feels like we have even deeper meanings behind our already strong core values! We are thrilled with this chance to blend our core values with the basic needs of everyone we meet!!