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Top 5 Tips for Helping Kiddos Through the Season Change

Were you hoping the Bricky’s Best blog was going out today?  Me too… but we’ll tell you all about our fantastic teachers next week!

5 tips for the season change

We’re thinking more on the lines of your kiddos.  What changes when seasons change?  Clothing, senses, appetites, play options? If you said “ALL OF THE ABOVE” then we are right there with you!  Kiddos tend to get a little crabbier in the winter because the days feel shorter.  They have to wear a little longer pants and a little less flip flops. 

While transitioning seasons is tough for adults, just imagine everything changing in a little one’s head!  Here are our TOP 5 Suggestions for weather and season changes for all kiddos, but especially kiddos in childcare.

1. Talk About It!

Talk about the sun, the sky and night time with your kiddos.  Read some fun books!  Their minds are sponges and they will remember more than you think.  Get used to them being groggy in the morning because “the sun is asleep.”  We Midwesterners can also take this opportunity to talk about farming!  What a great way to get ahold of these roots we’re surrounded by! 

2. Get Active!

Physical activity tends to take a back seat because it gets yucky outside.  However, its so important for endorphins to be circulating!  We need to encourage our kiddos to find a safe physical activity in the house or the center.  Trust us, we spend plenty of time in our gym spaces during the day on those rainy, snowy days.  We also remember that we live in the Midwest!  We shouldn’t be afraid of the colder weather.  Our kiddos are resilient and love getting fresh air outdoors as often and as safely as possible. 

3. Dress Your Best!

I know I’ve said “Midwest” a few times already…. But if your kids are anything like mine, they want to ONLY wear shorts and flip flops, even in 6” of snow.  Start the conversation early!  Start the reminders that “Pants are Protective!”  Your teachers should be reminding you of bringing a coat, hats, gloves to school, but just be prepared for toddler pushback!  If it requires a game for them, great!  Lets get creative together and find a way to encourage proper and safe attire to protect of littles in the colder weather.

4. Eat the FOOD!

With season change and less active kiddos, you may find their appetites are dwindling.  If you notice this, talk with your teachers to get a gameplan on how best to encourage healthy eating habits together.  Consistency between school and home routines is SO important. We offer nutritious meals and snacks every day included in your tuition.  At home, opt for high Vitamin C options and lots of green foods!  Oranges and pumpkins are actually GREAT Vit C providers.  Those extra little doses will help re-energize them for having great days!


The season changes are NOT a bad thing!  Enjoy the curiosity of your kiddos. Talk about fall colors, cold winds, the power of clouds and snow!  The little things are so wonderful and to be cherished.  If you’re in a space where your child is struggling sensorially, ask your teachers and leadership team for suggestions on how to combat that with learning activities.  It’ll do wonders!

Sometimes- Jack Frost stretches his cold fingers over our area for months and months!  Sometimes- Mother Nature comes in the middle of winter to put her fist down and gives us an 80* day!  Whatever seasons come and go, your teachers are here for you and your family.  Whatever mood your little one may or may not change as the seasons change, your leadership team is available to help you!  And, even though we could all snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate or sit across from eachother at a coffee shop with a warm mug… we’ll all look forward to cranking up our lawn mower blades in a few months and get our summer lovin’ kiddos ready to enjoy the heat! 

Last reminder- Season changes are fairly predictable.  Kids… not so predictable.  Your child may process something different than your neighbor’s child.  That’s ok.  Learn to love the ebb and flow 😊 Until next week, friends!  Thanks for joining us at Yellow Brick Road!