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Bricky’s Best Teachers are Collaborative

bricky's best are collaborative

This month we are highlighting the most collaborative teachers in our schools as ‘Bricky’s Best’ Teachers! Collaboration is one of our core values and we are continually amazed by the collaborative efforts our teachers make daily to work together as a team, with their families, and of course with their students

ms zoe

Ms. Zoe is our Bricky’s Best teacher in our Plymouth location! She is one of our Assistant Directors and she works very closely with our teachers, parents, and students to ensure we are all one collaborative team!

ms chaniya

Ms. Chaniya has worked at Yellow Brick Road in Minnetonka for over 3 years and loves to collaborate with the team! While you can usually find Chaniya in preschool, it is not unusual to find her checking in on the younger classes getting to know the kids that will be in her room someday and helping the teachers out with whatever they need! Chaniya also has great relationships with the parents and collaborates with them, especially with potty training!

ms abby

Ms. Abby has exhibited so much collaboration in her time at Yellow Brick Road in Maple Grove so far. She is always so willing to jump right into whichever classroom is in need of her skills. She collaborates with every teacher in every classroom to determine how she can be of valuable help to the children, teachers, and the classroom as a whole. Abby is such a bright light within the center and we are so lucky to have her on board with us!

mr antonio

Mr. Antonio in our Eden Prairie location collaborates daily inside and outside of the classroom! He works with our teachers to execute lesson plans and he connects with our students to learn more about their interests and developmental goals! We are so happy to have him as a part of our Eden Prairie team!

ms. marissa

Our new School Age Program Coordinator, Ms. Marissa has been a GREAT addition to the Yellow Brick Road team!  She easily fits in with our team and core values with her past experience in childcare and has exemplified the Core Value of Collaboration!  Ask her to step into a room, she’s there.  Ask her to plan the school-age lessons, she’s done!  She has worked seamlessly with all of our teachers, and we couldn’t be more proud to have her be Bennington’s Bricky’s Best this month!

ms amber

While Bricky was looking for collaborators… he had to mention Ms. Amber from Omaha!  While she is a lead Exploring Preschool teacher, you can find her filling in before and after her shift and on her breaks in just about any room on campus.  She exemplifies collaboration with all of our staff.

ms. brea

Ms. Brea is our teacher in the Spotlight for our Harrison St- Nebraska location focusing on Collaboration!  Ms. Brea is creative, seeking solutions to issues that may arise, a flexible team player, and fun!  Outside of work, Miss Brea likes to participate in interior design as a hobby which shows in the teamwork she has her students help with in her classroom décor.

ms. kali

One thing that has always stood out to us about Ms. Kali, in our Downtown Des Moines location, is her flexibility and willingness to do whatever is needed for her team. She stays late, comes in on her day off when needed, and never leaves without asking if we need help with anything. She is truly a team player. I know that Ms. Kali has the best at heart for our team and for the children in her care. We all need a Kali!

mr trustan

Mr. Trystan is our Bricky’s Best for the month of October in our West Des Moines location. He is patient, and kind, and see’s each child as who they are. He is an awesome staff member, co-worker, and friend to many. He is always willing to come in and do whatever is needed with a smile on his face. He leaves a huge impact on every child and family member he works with.

ms. amara

Ms. Amara is definitely Bricky’s BEST collaborator in Norwalk!  She is a go with the flow and get the job done kind of girl. She stands up for what is right and gets along with everyone. She loves the students and it shows in her everyday interactions.

ms haleigh

Ms. Haleigh in our Grimes location produces exemplary work through the use of collaboration with other staff members. She is always doing something for others and working as a team such as setting up an organizer, organizing books, helping out in other classrooms, labeling supplies, and SO much more!

All of our teachers each bring something uniquely special and fun to our schools! Our schools have their own individual cultures that are a direct reflection of the teachers and students in the schools. After getting to know these collaborative teachers a bit more, it is easy to see why Yellow Brick Road is filled with amazing teamwork!