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We Love Our Teachers!

we love our teachers

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and we LOVE our teachers!

Our teachers are the heart and soul of YBR! They encourage our students, uphold our core values, and exude passion every day!

We will be celebrating our teachers all week and we would love for all of our parents to jump into the excitement! We have made a list of a few things you can do to make your child’s week extra special next week!

Here are ten fun ways to get involved in Teacher Appreciation Week next week:


  1. Make a homemade craft with your child to give to their teachers! Teachers cherish all of the hand-made art from their students.
  2. Ask your Director for your teachers ‘favorites’ list to give them a special gift you know they will appreciate.
  3. Bring your teacher flowers with a sweet note in the morning at drop-off one day.
  4. Write your teacher a note telling them why you appreciate all of their hard work each day.
  5.  Make a basket with school supplies that would be fun for your teacher to use throughout her day.
  6. Buy lunch for the teachers in your child’s classroom one day.
  7. Bring your teacher their favorite candy to kick off their day.
  8. Give your teacher a candle, bath-bomb, or lotion so they can pamper themselves while they are at home.
  9. Bring your teacher their favorite coffee at drop-off.
  10. Give your teacher a book that they can read to their class and write a note on the inside cover!


Our teachers work hard for our students because it is their passion and we appreciate them every single day, but we are excited for an entire week that is all about recognizing them! While any gift that you give to your teacher will put a smile on their face, the perfect gift is one that you have already given our teachers; the opportunity to teach our students each and every day!