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#YBR Thankful30 Challenge

we are thankful at ybr

We are SO THANKFUL at Yellow Brick Road! #YBRThankful30

‘Tis the season of thankfulness and cheer! November and December are always very busy months in our schools with winter events, celebrations, and conferences. We want to start this season off by highlighting all that we have to be thankful for as a team!!

At Yellow Brick Road, we have so much to be thankful for! From our amazing families, sweet students, and caring teachers, we are thankful for everyone who impacts the communities in our schools. As a team, we spend each November checking in with all of our #TeamYBR teachers and Directors asking them to list off what they are thankful for each day. We give our teams this calendar of gratitude prompts, and we intentionally discuss all that we are thankful for.


thankful calendar large

When we do this, we talk about how important it is to discuss gratitude and appreciation with our students. By discussing and expressing gratitude in our schools, we are teaching our students to appreciate all that they have. Our gratitude challenge is not materialistic because we want our focus to be on the people, events, and memories that positively impact our lives daily.


Every year, we get great feedback on this event because it is a small and gentle reminder to think of thankfulness every day. As we go into the season of giving and celebrating, we wanted to be sure that we are inspiring a positive and nurturing environment for our teachers and our students!


You can participate in our challenge by posting something that you are thankful for and then be sure to use the hashtag #YBRThankful30. We are hopeful that our families will join in on our challenge and are excited to see all that you are thankful for!