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Blossoming Spring Activities

blossoming spring activities

Beautiful activities are blossoming in Ms. Emily’s preschool class! She and her students have been learning all about spring, bug, and plants these last few weeks! Here are just a few of the adorable projects she has done in her class!

flower picture
children creating flower art at preschool

Our students picked flowers and made their own flower pots out of cardboard! There were holes poked out above the drawn pots for the students to poke their flower stems through! They were each able to work on their fine motor skills while putting these together and they each loved seeing how different their flower pots came out!

girl posting flower art at preschool

This letter activity reinforced the phonics lessons these kiddos have been learning and it helped them learn the difference between upper case and lower case letters. All of the images attached to the letters were spring and bug themed!

Our preschool class made a bar chart out of their names by listing their favorite flowers! They had a discussion about the different flowers and then they learned how a bar graph works. Everyone was excited to see which flower their friends liked most!

Our preschool class made their own bugs using patterns and shapes! They were so proud of themselves for making their own bugs!

flower label

Our students practiced their handwriting by labeling the different parts of a flower! They had a word bank so that they were sure to spell the words right as they labeled each part of the flower!

boy practicing handwriting

One of our favorite parts of our school is our outdoor classroom! Ms. Emily took her class outside to color their own bugs. They were inspired by all of the natural colors around them as they colored in their bugs!

toddler at preschool

During stations, our students put together their own flower pots in our sensory table! They used black beans as the soil and artificial flowers so that they could be “planted” by every student!

It is safe to say that this theme has been a favorite in Ms. Emily’s class! All of her students have loved learning about spring, bugs, and plants. They have been pointing out all of the things that they have been learning about when they are outside! This class is ready to take on the warm weather and enjoy everything Spring has to offer!