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Pizza Rolls!

pizza rolls

Do your kids love to cook with you? Are you looking for some kid-friendly recipes? Then we have you covered with our Cooking with Kids videos on YouTube!

Ms. Meagan cooks with her children at home and she has shared some of their favorite recipes with all of our YBR Families. Cooking with your children promotes healthy eating habits, an understanding of nutrition, and an appreciation for everyday science!

As your child cooks with you they learn incredible math skills by measuring ingredients and keeping track of time as their meal cooks. Combining ingredients and creating things like dough and sauce are simple ways to explain complex science to young children!

Pizza rolls are always a must-have with kids and they are the perfect snack to kick off summer! Ms. Meagan explains how she makes her home-made pizza rolls with her children in this video on our YouTube page!

If you want to follow along with Meagan as she cooks, you can use this handy recipe card!

pizza rolls recipe

If you want to see more of Meagan’s great kid-friendly recipes, be sure to check out these videos!