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Independent Play

independent play

As we head into the weekend we want to give you four helpful tips for teaching your child how to play independently!

While our students are at Yellow Brick Road they are participating in both group and individual activities. However, just because our students know how to play independently at school that does not mean they will automatically know how to play independently at home! We are going to list out the four steps of independent play so that you can easily show your kiddo how it is done at home!

Step 1:

Find a defined play space! This can be a rug, room, table, or anywhere they can easily play and imagine!

Step 2:

Fill your defined play space with open-ended toys! Examples of open ended toys could be blocks, playdough, or magnatiles!

Step 3:

Remember that play is a learned skill! It takes time and practice for children to fully develop the skill of independent play!

Step 4:

Set a timer! This step is optional and it may not help with every child!


These steps are short and simple! If you would like to learn more about the steps of independent play, feel free to check out this YouTube video from our CEO and Regional Director!