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Graduations with YBR!

ybr graduations

Graduations are a time for celebration! Oftentimes graduating means that something is coming to an end. Here at Yellow Brick Road, we know that our graduations are just the beginning for our oldest students!

After our kiddos graduate from Yellow Brick Road they begin their academic career in all different types of kindergartens. Knowing that each child will follow a different path for their K-12 adventure, we want to do all that we can to best prepare them for any learning environment.

We work with our kiddos in every age group to reach the developmental goals that are set for them. Our teachers recognize that their classrooms are full of individuals with unique goals and so our curriculum is catered to meet every child where they are at! We follow an interest based curriculum so that our students are always actively involved and excited about what they are learning.

By the end of their time at Yellow Brick Road our children feel empowered, confident, and excited to start kindergarten!

Our oldest kiddos graduated from Yellow Brick Road in these last two weeks and we want to share some of the graduation excitement with you all!

Before graduation day our students learn songs to perform for their parents! At graduation we give each kiddo a certificate to recognize all of the hard work that they put in while they were with us here at Yellow Brick Road!


You can watch the live stream from our Maple Grove graduation by following this link:


You can watch the live stream from our Plymouth graduation by following this link:

ybr graduations 2
child graduating at preschool
preschoolers class of 2021