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Mini Me Sports!

mini me sports

We are very excited to announce that we will now be offering Mini Me Sports in all of our schools!

Mini Me Sports was started by two of our amazing teachers in the beginning of 2020. They started working on the idea in their free time and have since made their dream a reality and brought it to YBR! Our students in our Minnetonka location have been participating in Mini Me for a few seasons now and the benefits of the program are astounding. Our students have been learning new skills such as teamwork, understanding nutrition, and of course athletics!

Mini Me focuses on Basketball, T-Ball, Track and Field, Lacrosse, and Soccer. We are excited for all of our students to have this opportunity to grow an appreciation for so many different sports at such a young age.

When we asked one of the founders of Mini Me, Mr. AJ, how they came up with the idea for such an involved extracurricular activity he told us; “There are so many options to have children involved in different sports but many of them aren’t offered to kids this young.” That is one of the major benefits of Mini Me Sports! They offer their lessons to children 33 months and older and they divide their classes into age-appropriate groups. Since both AJ and Ronnie have worked in our preschools they have the knowledge that they need to support children who would usually be too young for local club sports.

Their goal is to teach children from a young age that all different sports are fun and exciting! They teach nutrition in their lessons and they send out monthly newsletters to keep their parents in the loop.


If you want to see these Mini Athletes in action you can check out a Facebook Live from our previous season here:


To get your child signed up for this next season just follow the link for your school here! When you sign them up you will also get a jersey included in the cost!