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Reinforcement vs. Discipline

Parenting is a wonderful and exciting journey, but it is extremely difficult at times. Each child is different and can present unique challenges in problem

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Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home Part 2

While your children are learning and exploring at school, they are learning valuable things that they will bring home and demonstrate. This shows their progress and allows you to see how they learn, what they understand, and how they are developing. Early childhood is an important time in kids’ lives, they develop social skills, motor skills, and begin to learn important parts of everyday life. And while your children are learning a lot at school or

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The Many Benefits of Preschool

Have you considered preschool for your child, but you are having trouble making the decision? Maybe you are afraid they are too young, too dependant, or not ready? Preschool can be a wonderful experience for children, and at Yellow Brick Road we strive to nurture every child to develop their strengths and reach new heights. Preschool is a time of learning new skills, making new friends, and forming new routines. Our preschools in Minnetonka and Plymouth

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Spring Activities for Your Little One

  Spring has sprung! Even though we face multiple snow threats here in the midwest, the hint of spring in the air is enough to give you the itch to get out and get active. With your little ones being cooped up inside all winter, the anticipation of sunny warm days is almost too much to handle. For those teeter-totter weather days in these next few months, sometimes it’s necessary to keep the spirit of spring

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Choosing A Quality Daycare: What To Know

Entrusting your child to a care provider, whether everyday or a few days a week, is a very humbling act of trust. You should never second guess the providers interacting with your child, or what they are being taught in their atmosphere. Unfortunately, quality child care can be difficult to come across. Finding a center that balances education and individual nurturing and growth can be about as simple as finding a needle in a haystack. At

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Teaching Your Child Early

There is a vast variety of opinions regarding what, and how, to teach your child by a certain age. With all the opinions flying around, it can be difficult to make confident decisions. Additionally, many people will insist children don’t fully understand values or honorable traits until they are older or in school- which is completely untrue. Many parents and people alike would be surprised to know how quickly children pick up on mannerisms, verbiage, and

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Keeping Your Child Healthy at Day Care

The time of year has come again, cold and flu season. This all too familiar time of year settles in and discriminates against no one. Especially for children in child care, cold’s go around like a non-stop merry-go-round. Though having an ill child is never fun, studies have shown that kids who tend to get sick more frequently in daycare are less likely to catch illnesses once they start school. Regardless, there are multiple ways to

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Reinforcement vs. Discipline

Parenting is a wonderful and exciting journey, but it is extremely difficult at times. Each child is different and can present unique challenges in problem solving, disciplining, and implementing routines. As a result, each parenting method is different. At Yellow Brick Road, we work with your child as an individual to positively and negatively reinforce them in healthy ways to encourage their unique personality and character. To help give a better understand, let’s take a look

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laughing child and teacher at preschool

Fun Ways to Teach Your Child at Home

At Yellow Brick Road, we specialize in helping your child develop during their early impressionable years. Whether infants or 4 year olds, each child has the ability to learn and grow in their own unique way. Depending on which stage and age your child is at, there are specific areas you can help improve in their development. Today we’re going to take a look at some of the fun ways you can help your child’s development

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5 Legal Tips to Help Pick The Right Daycare

If you have children or you’re expecting, inevitably the subject of finding the right child care provider will come up. There are a lot of different aspects to consider when searching for a daycare that’s right for your child and you. One angle that’s definitely worth considering is the legal perspective. But why does that matter? Yellow Brick Road is here to help you find the best possible child care for your family.  On the one

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Beginning The Transition to Child Care

As parents, there is one thing that all of us have in common. Without a doubt, every single one of us will make mistakes. We’ll screw up, frequently. We live in a world where we’re told that parenting is the most important responsibility a human being can have, but there aren’t any parenting classes to prepare soon-to-be moms and dads. Simply put, we muddle along, and you know what? That’s okay. The trick is to learn

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